Greater Accuracy in Eye Surgery

Greater Accuracy in Eye Surgery

Better Accuracy after cataract surgery

Figure 1. ORA Intraoperative Aberrometer

The Eye Center of Northern Colorado, P.C. (ECNC) is pleased to introduce the ORA intraoperative aberrometer to Colorado.  The ORA represents a quantum leap forward in our ability to give cataract patients the accuracy that they are looking for.  Many patients desire to be free of glasses after cataract surgery.  This requires that we select the right power of Intraocular Lens (IOL) and that we accurately address astigmatism at the time of surgery.

What is the ORA?

Up this point, cataract surgeons have had to rely on measurements done in the clinic several weeks before cataract surgery to estimate which IOL to use and how much astigmatism to correct for their patients.    The ORA performs a more complex measurement of the aberrations of the eye and indicates which IOL to use and how much astigmatism to correct real time, in the operating room, after the cataract has already been removed.

The ORA system connects right to the operating microscope as shown in Figure 1.  This makes it easy to activate the machine at the correct moment in surgery and the resulting calculations give us the most accurate data available on the planet to help our patients achieve their visual goals.

On December 7, 2012, I had the opportunity to use this technology for the first time in the state of Colorado.   I have been very pleased with the increased accuracy I have been able to provide to my patients with the added information.

The ORA gives greater accuracy for cataract surgery

Figure 2. ORA vs. Conventional Measurement Accuracy

Better IOL accuracy for Cataract Surgery

Figure 2 gives an example of the difference this can make in cataract surgery for post LASIK patients.  The second column shows the chances of ending up within just one half a diopter (0.50) of ideal vision.  This would represent very good vision.  Using the ORA, 71% of patients achieved this goal.  Using the traditional methods alone, only 45% reached this important level of vision.

The ORA doesn’t guarantee accuracy, but it makes it much easier to achieve it.  Currently, the ORA is only available at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado, P.C. and the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

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