Humidity and LASIK Surgery

Better LASIK – Passing the Sniff Test Odors and Humidity in the laser eye surgery room can affect your results. Now you are probably asking, do the best LASIK surgeons in Colorado really spend their day fussing about something like controlling the odor and humidity in the LASIK room. In a word, the answer is, Read More→

What is Eye Surgery? (Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

Eye surgery can correct disease or correct for your glasses or contacts. In most cases, refractive eye surgery can eliminate your glasses.

Greater Accuracy in Eye Surgery

The Eye Center of Northern Colorado, P.C. (ECNC) is pleased to introduce the ORA intraoperative aberrometer to Colorado.  The ORA represents a quantum leap forward in our ability to give cataract patients the accuracy that they are looking for.  Many patients desire to be free of glasses after cataract surgery.  This requires that we select the right Read More→

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