What is Eye Surgery? (Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

What is Eye Surgery? (Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

What is Eye Surgery?

What is Eye Surgery? Are Your Eyes Too Long, Too Short, or Just Right?

Eye Surgery heals the structure of your eye to improve your vision.  If there is something wrong with the structure of our eye, then we need to go to the root of your problem and fix the structure to permanently restore your vision.

It would be great if we were all born with perfect eyes—neither too long nor too short

Thankfully, you can have eye surgery with the Goldilocks goal of making them “just right.”

Eye Surgery for Eyes too Long

If you were born with eyes too long, you are near-sighted or myopic.

Myopic people can see objects up close, but need glasses or contact lenses to see well for driving and watching TV.

LASIK, PRK, or Phakic IOLs  are types of refractive eye surgery that can change the structure of your eye so that your vision is just right.  Happiness restored!

Eye Surgery for Eyes too Short

If your eyes are too short, then you are far-sighted or hyperopic.

Far-sighted eyes do not have a natural focus point and effort is required to see at all distances. Far-sighted people must “work” to focus the internal eye muscle a little bit when viewing in the distance, but a lot more “work” is required when focusing up close (e.g. reading).

This makes you the hardest working person at your office because your poor eyes are working all the time to see anything.  Its like trying to sleep in a bed that is too hard or too soft—your eyes never get any rest and you are tired all the time.

LASIK or PRK  could restore your distance focus.  Finally, your poor eyes could get some rest!

Eye Surgery for Corneas too Steep or too Flat

Your cornea could also be the cause of your near-sightedness or far-sightedness if it is too steep or flat for good focus.  Fortunately, you could have laser eye surgery to change the structure of your cornea and restore your vision.

Eye Surgery

There are many other forms of eye surgery to replace cloudy cataracts and scarred corneas or to restore proper structure to torn or detached retinas.

I am grateful that we have to ability to help so many reclaim their vision and that often we can restore your function with the precision and comfort of a laser.

If you are born with eyes that are too long or too short or corneas that are too steep or too flat, then maybe it is time for you to find out if you could live “just right.”

If you have any further questions about eye surgery, I would love to meet with you at on of my offices in Colorado or Wyoming.

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