Laser Eye Surgery Age

Laser eye surgery age depends on a number of factors, but generally is from age 21 to infinity. I’ll explain below why we feel that while 21 years old to infinity is the answer to the question, “What age can I get laser eye surgery?, most having LASIK are 21 to about 60 years old. Read More→

Vision Laser Eye Surgery

Vision laser eye surgery involves the use of a laser to decrease the need for glasses or contact lenses. There are to basic categories of vision laser eye surgery: 1. Corneal based procedures and 2. Lens based procedures. Corneal Based Vision Correction In Corneal based vision laser eye surgery, an excimer laser is used to Read More→

PRK Astigmatism and LASIK Astigmatism

PRK astigmatism and LASIK astigmatism correction are two different forms of laser vision correction to reduce your need for glasses. What is Astigmatism? Astigmatism means that your eye is shaped more like an egg than a perfectly round ball.  This makes object out of focus Can PRK Correct Astigmatism and can LASIK Correct Astigmatism? Many Read More→

5 Reasons the Allegretto EX 500 is the Best Laser in America

We recently replaced our Allegretto laser (400 hz) with the Allegretto EX 500 and I feel it is the best LASIK laser in America. I pause here to to thank the engineers in Germany for producing such an amazing and precise Allegretto laser. LASIK is a form of laser eye surgery to improve your vision Read More→

Vision Laser Eye Surgery

Vision laser eye surgery has one of the highest levels of patient satisfaction of any medical procedure ever tested. This is because advances in eye surgery have improved both the accuracy and the safety. I chose to have vision laser eye surgery myself and it has been a miracle in my life. Every week I Read More→

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