Common Annoyances of Wearing Glasses

Common Annoyances of Wearing Glasses

shutterstock_132960980-1024x680Do you have a refractive error and rely on glasses to see clearly? Colorado eye surgeon Dr. Gary Foster knows this struggle well. He has met thousands of patients from Fort Collins and the surrounding Colorado areas that are dependent on visual aids and experience daily hassles because of it. Can you relate to any of these common annoyances?

The constant cost of buying new frames, lenses, cleaning supplies and doctor visits to update your prescription.

The inconvenience of losing a tiny eyeglass screw at an inopportune time (i.e., during an important work meeting or while driving).

The inability to get up in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water or attend to a crying child without first fumbling around in the dark for eyeglasses.

The feeling of needing to pack extra back-up pairs of glasses for vacation (even a quick weekend away) out of fear that frames or lenses will break.

The panic of realizing you failed to pack a back-up pair and your only pair broke.

The need to use a smartphone almost as large as a tablet in order to be able to read texts, set an alarm or make a call.

The bother of mixing up the shampoo and conditioner in the shower because the lettering is so small and you cannot reach it.

The irritation of repeatedly snagging the front pieces of your hair in your eyeglass frames when you slip them on and off.

The feeling of self-consciousness about the way your face looks with glasses; or feeling that you look older or less fashionable than you really are.

The failure to apply eye makeup that looks good and flatters your natural eye color and shape, or applying makeup that clashes with your glasses.

Man with fogged glasses from wearing a Covid 19 msk

Fogged Glasses from Mask Use

The hassle of your glasses fogging up inexplicably with the tiniest change in air temperature, and the temporary obstruction of vision.

Great News for Those that Depend on Glasses

Dr. Foster has news for anyone that currently relies on glasses or contacts to see clearly. With laser vision correction, these annoyances will no longer plague you. LASIK can improve your vision and focus and give you independence from glasses and contact lenses. Imagine how much your quality of life will improve when you no longer have to wear visual aids.

For more information about laser vision correction, please call (970) 419-2693 or email us today and request a consultation with Dr. Foster.

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