5 Reasons to Have LASIK or the SMILE Procedure in 2020

5 Reasons to Have LASIK or the SMILE Procedure in 2020

shutterstock_212753977-copy-300x300Ask any LASIK patient if they have regrets about surgery, and many will tell you that they only wish they had it done sooner. Don’t put LASIK off any longer — make 2017 the year that you finally enjoy a glasses-free lifestyle! Here, Colorado laser eye surgeon Gary Foster shares five of the best reasons to consider having LASIK in the New Year.

Everyday Comfort and Convenience

A glasses- or contacts-free life is simply more convenient. You can get up and go at any time without stopping to find your glasses, and you can fall asleep on the couch without worrying about your contact lenses drying out. Many LASIK patients find that they have a reduction in uncomfortable side effects related to their visual aids, including itchiness, red eyes, burning, headaches and other irritation.

Prevent Mask Fogging Your Glasses

Man with fogged glasses from wearing a Covid 19 msk

Mask Fogging Glasses

Is there anything worse than having your glasses fog up all day because of your COVID mask?  OK there are things much worse, but it is still annoying and avoidable.  It may not surprise you to know that even though the economy is down, laser vision correction is way up as individuals decided they are done with mask fogged glasses.  LASIK or the SMILE Procedure may be the best way to prevent mask fogging.

Love the Way You Look

If you have spent your entire life feeling self-conscious of the way you look wearing glasses, vision correction can help. Increased self-confidence is frequently mentioned by our LASIK patients as one of the best benefits of LASIK surgery.

Enjoy a More Active Lifestyle

Do your glasses and contact lenses slip around, fog up or dry out while running, biking, hiking or swimming? After laser vision correction, you can enjoy your favorite exercise or sporting activities without the hassle of visual aids. Many patients are pleased to adopt a more active lifestyle after LASIK, and find their athletic performance has improved significantly!

Travel the World with Ease

Visual aids are a tremendous inconvenience when traveling. Packing back-up eyeglasses and bottles of contact lens solution is bothersome, as is carrying around a prescription in case you lose your back-up. LASIK gives you the freedom to travel wherever, whenever, without worrying about schlepping along your glasses or contacts.

Financial Freedom

Imagine the money you will save on eyeglass frames, lenses, contact lens solutions and optometrist visits to update your prescription! LASIK is a one-time initial investment that pays for itself over the years. And, you might be able to allocate tax-free funds from your health savings account to pay for the procedure. It makes financial sense.

Dr. Gary Foster invites you to schedule a consultation with him to discuss laser vision correction and determine whether it is right for you. To make an appointment, please call (970) 419-2693 or email our practice today.

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