Weighing Your IOL Options

As mentioned in our previous blog post, intraocular lenses (IOLs) are small devices used to replace the eye’s natural lens during cataract surgery. Dr. Gary Foster, who practices in Fort Collins, Colorado, offers several types of intraocular lenses, each with unique features. If you are facing cataract surgery and do not know which IOL to Read More→

FAQs about Cataracts

A significant portion of Dr. Gary Foster’s Colorado ophthalmology practice is devoted to cataract care, and, as such, he fields a variety of questions about the condition. Here, Dr. Foster answers the most commonly asked questions about cataract development, symptoms and treatment.

Can Exercise Help Prevent Cataracts?

Exercise is great for your figure, mood, energy level and cardiovascular health. But what about your eye health? Can regular physical exercise stave off the development of eye conditions like cataracts? Dr. Gary Foster, a trusted ophthalmologist in Colorado, has the answer here.

Seconday Cataract Surgery for Yag Eye Laser Starburst Vision

Twenty percent of patients develop a posterior capsular opacity in the months to years after their lens extraction and need a secondary cataract surgery for yag eye laser starburst vision. What is Posterior Capsule Opacity? There is a thin capsule that surrounds your natural lens. During cataract surgery, a small circular opening is made in Read More→

Vision Laser Eye Surgery

Vision laser eye surgery involves the use of a laser to decrease the need for glasses or contact lenses. There are to basic categories of vision laser eye surgery: 1. Corneal based procedures and 2. Lens based procedures. Corneal Based Vision Correction In Corneal based vision laser eye surgery, an excimer laser is used to Read More→

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