Cataract and Hip Fracture: How Are They Related?

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Cataract and Hip Fracture: How Are They Related?

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the world in large part because we appreciate our vision so much. Many choose to have their cataracts repaired to maintain their driving privileges, but data is now emerging that documents the functional impact that improved vision can have on our lives.

A recent study (JAMA. 2012 Aug 1:308 (5):493-501) showed that patients over the age of 65 that have cataract surgery are 16 per cent less likely to fracture their hip in the year after their vision is improved. In the patients with even more severe cataracts, the decrease in hip fracture rates was even greater.

Most hip fractures occur from falls and so it makes sense that better vision would decrease the chance of a stumble over some small object in the path.

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