Different Types of Eye Laser that can improve your vision.

Different Types of Eye Laser that can improve your vision.

Vision Laser for better Vision Care

Vision Laser for better Vision Care

Laser is light. A Vision Laser is controlled light that that is used to improve your vision care.

What is an Eye Laser?

What is the difference between the light in the room and an eye laser? There is energy in the light in the room where you sit right now and energy in the light coming from you computer screen.

Remember the last time you spent too much time in the sun and it burned your skin? There is definitely energy in light! So why doesn’t the light from your computer laser your eyes?

Normal light is scattered, not focused.  It is bouncing back and forth all different directions and the light rays are not on the same wavelength.

It is like a group that can’t work together as a team.  They can’t get anything done.  Laser is light that is all on the same wavelength and all going the same direction.  This unity of focus allows us to deliver precise amounts of light energy exactly where it can help you.

What is Vision Laser?

Each part of your eye is sensitive and absorbs different wavelengths of light.  For example, the retina absorbs light and receives energy at 488 nm which is visible blue/green color while the cornea absorbs light that is 193 nm which is in the invisible ultraviolet range.

So, retinal surgeons use 488 nm to treat diabetes (diabetes principally affects the retina) and eye surgeons use special lasers that emit light at 193 nm to reshape your cornea in Lasik eye procedures.

Vision Laser for LASIK

When the individual cells on the surface of the cornea absorb light at 193 nm they receive the energy and are vaporized.  Lasers that work at this wavelength are called excimer lasers.

Excimer laser deliver multiple, precise, small pulses which can be directed like an eraser to gently reshape your cornea.  This corrects the imperfections of your cornea so it has a normal shape that can focus vision.

Vision laser can be adjusted by changing the energy in each pulse, the length of the pulses, and the speed of the pulses.  My favorite type for LASIK is the Allegreto.  It uses very small pulses of energy but fires 400 times per second.

This gives it exquisite control of the energy but still makes the LASIK procedure quick and comfortable for you. The beam actually checks the energy in each individual pulse three times before it is delivered to your cornea.

In addition, it checks the position of your eye 400 times per second and won’t let the pulse move forward unless it is directed at correct spot on your cornea.

Vision Laser for Cataract Surgery

The femtosecond is another important addition to vision laser.

The wavelength varies from one manufacturer to another but it is delivered in ultra short pulses. By ultra short pulses I mean a millionth of a billionth of a second. These ultra short pulses make very precise incisions in the cornea and the lens of your eye. A femtosecond is used to make exquisitely crafted flaps for Lasik and it can reduced astigmatism for cataract patients.

It opens up the capsule for laser cataract surgery and turns a rock hard cataract into small pieces and liquid, making cataract surgery more precise and safe.

Lasers channel light to their specific purpose.  Vision laser allows us to focus light to restore your vision, improve your vision care, and protect the health of your eyes.

If you would like to learn more about how eye laser could help improve your vision, please contact me for a consult.


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