The Increased Safety of the Centurion Cataract Removal System

The Increased Safety of the Centurion Cataract Removal System

Cataract Removal Surgery with Centurion for Cataract Surgery Safety

The Centurion Cataract Removal System makes Cataract Surgery Safer and More Comfortable.

The Eye Center of Northern Colorado, P.C. is pleased to be the first to introduce the Centurion Cataract removal system to the Colorado, Wyoming region. The Centurion Cataract Removal System represents a significant step forward in the cataract removal procedure.

The Centurion Cataract Removal system allows us to provide the safest and most comfortable cataract surgery…ever!

This is an important investment in the future of eye care for our state and the quality of outcomes for our patients.  I am proud of the Eye Center for stepping forward and making a bold commitment to our patients in a time when the future of medicine has seemed less sure on many fronts.

Safer Control in Cataract Surgery

One of the great advancements with this technology is the active fluidics component that creates a calm stable environment for cataract procedures.  During cataract surgery, eye fluid builds up and it is vacuumed out.  It is important that the same amount of fluid enters as leaves they eye to maintain safety.

The older machines had a bottle of fluid that was connected to your eye by slender tubing.  The higher we raised the bottle, the more fluid entered your eye.  Fluid inflow was determined by gravity.

These older machines had very precise and responsive controls built in to control the vacuum levels and the amount of fluid leaving the eye, but the inflow was literally controlled by the bottle height which could not be varied second by second to keep the inflow and outflow matched.

The Centurion Cataract Removal System, introduces for the first time, a pressure sensor that control the amount of fluid pressed into the eye to maintain a specific, safe eye pressure inside.  If more fluid is leaving, it increases the inflow to maintain balance.  The inflow does not depend on gravity but is pushed forward or halted based on need.

Gentler Cataract Surgery

When I combine this benefit to my patients along with the efficiency that comes from a part called “the balanced tip,” my procedures become noticeably gentler.  To this point I am putting about half as much eye fluid and around half as much energy when I use the Centurion Cataract Removal System.  That means about half as much trauma to your eye during cataract surgery—half as much to heal!

More Controlled Intraocular Lens Placement

I have been delighted by how much I have appreciated the auto-sert function on the new machine, which for the first time on a cataract machine helps me insert the intraocular lens in a totally controlled fashion.  This adds safety and comfort.  I thought it was just a bell or whistle in the scheme of things until I tried it.  It caught me by surprise how much better this automated function is for my patients who need cataract surgery.

I am pretty good friends with a number of the engineers who have spent the last decade developing this machine.  It is a labor of love on their part and an honest effort to make the world a better place.

I am a consultant for the company that makes the machine, so over the last 6 years or so I have had the opportunity to use the machine at various stages of development in the lab to trial their progress and offer constructive feedback.  I am grateful to finally have it.

If I can answer any other questions about cataract surgery, please leave a comment or visit me at one of our offices.

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