Is Too Much Time Indoors Ruining Our Children’s Eyes and Causing a Nearsighted Epidemic?

Several different studies suggest that spending time outdoors decreases your chances for Myopia.  Myopia is a disease often called “nearsightedness” where the eye grows too long, making distance vision blurry.  Unfortunately, the percentage of individuals affected by the disease is growing.  In the United States the percentage of individuals with myopia is up 65% since Read More→

Honey, Do these Glasses Make my Butt Look Big?

Glasses focus, but they can also cause distortion.  That is part of the reason why some prefer contact lenses or LASIK which can decrease this distortion.  Read on to find out how glasses could change even the way you see yourself in the mirror. Glasses bend light to bring objects into focus.  There are two Read More→

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