Common Questions about LASIK Answered

Common Questions about LASIK Answered

shutterstock_157594730Colorado LASIK surgeon Dr. Gary Foster fields questions about LASIK eye surgery on a daily basis. Many of the same questions come up repeatedly. He thought it would be helpful to compile the most frequently asked questions into a single blog post as a resource to interested candidates.

How long does the procedure take?

The LASIK laser works incredibly fast, and the procedure typically takes less than 10 minutes per eye. However, patients can plan to be at the surgery center for several hours to both prep for and recover from the procedure.

Can both eyes be treated on the same day?

Yes, most patients opt to have both eyes treated on the same day.

What is the recovery process like?

Recovering from LASIK is generally a short and well tolerated process. Many patients are able to resume work, school, driving and other normal activities within one to two days of surgery.

Are there any common side effects of surgery?

It is common for the eyes to feel slightly irritated or gritty for a few hours after surgery. However, eyedrops are prescribed to help soothe the sensation during healing.

Will I need to wear glasses or contacts after surgery?

The majority of patients enjoy clear vision without glasses or contact lenses. However, the results are unique for everyone. If you are considering LASIK, Dr. Foster can give you more information about the outcomes of surgery.

How long can I expect LASIK results to last?

The results of LASIK can be considered permanent. However, LASIK does not prevent other age-related changes to the eye and vision (for example, cataracts or presbyopia).

How much does LASIK cost?

The cost of LASIK varies, depending on the specific treatment and technology used. For a customized pricing quote, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster.

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