Best LASIK Eye Surgery Centers

Best LASIK Eye Surgery Centers

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How the Find the Best LASIK eye surgery center for your eyes

Several years ago I was interviewed for an article on “the best LASIK eye surgery centers in America.”  They wondered what we had done in our quest to become one of the highest-performing LASIK eye surgery centers.  In the end, it came down to the fact that we viewed all decisions through the eyes of our patients–their vision, comfort and safety, and we have never allowed anything else to distract us from this singular focus. There are a number of great  eye surgery centers in the world.  As you search to find the right one for you, may I suggest the following 10 questions to help:

1.  Have they kept up to date with the best excimer laser technology?

Investing the most up-to-date equipment is costly and eats into center profits.  The higher quality centers start with the assumption that their patients deserve the best outcomes and safety equipment available.  Second tier LASIK eye surgery centers and  discounters work from the premise of “good enough” rather than good enough for family.

2.  Does the center focus on Bladeless LASIK?

Originally, all LASIK flaps were made with a mechanical microkeratome.  This consisted of an oscillating razor blade that moved across your cornea on a gear track.  The highest quality eye surgery centers have replaced the razor with a femtosecond laser to create the flap.

The laser provides greater precision with a number of distinct safety advances.  If the surgery center specializes in Bladeless LASIK, do they have the latest generation femtosecond laser (IFS Intralase or Alcon FS200) or do they have an older model like the Intralase 60 hz.  The newer lasers are faster and can do undercut bevels to make the flap stronger and more resistant to trauma after surgery.

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What is the 20/20 Rate and Enhancement Rate at the LASIK Eye Laser Center

3.  Do they track their exact 20/20 outcomes and will they show them to you?

Quality LASIK surgery requires great outcomes.  If a surgery center doesn’t know their outcomes, then they couldn’t possibly be a major focus for them. If the LASIK eye center you are considering is vague about their outcomes and uses terms like “really good” or around 90% rather than telling you the exact number, you may be in the wrong center.  I would recommend that you look for a LASIK surgery center that can show you their exact outcomes for the last quarter on a piece of paper that looks recently printed and that they update so frequently they don’t have to laminate it.

4.  Does the LASIK surgery center ONLY offer the highest quality LASIK?

Some centers offer both high quality and lower quality discount LASIK.  In the world of elective medicine, I feel if you have the ability to give one patients the best then why would you be willing to give the next patient something less than your best when we are talking about vision?

5.  Are they Stable?

When you ask a doctor to operate on your eyes, a lifelong bond is created.  If you need them during the healing phases or even years later, will they still be there?  The best LASIK surgery centers have long track records of excellence IN the communities they serve.  The center I represent has roots that go back to 1916 in our community.  The one you choose doesn’t have to go back that far, but stability and commitment to the community matter.  You want them to be there even after the next economic downturn.

6.  Do they honor the price they advertised?

If you walk into a center with their ad from the internet and then they spend 20 minutes explaining why your actual price will be much higher, you are probably in the wrong place.  Bait and switch tactics is not the way to start a relationship of trust.  Any center that treats you that way has already failed the sniff test in my opinion.

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Does the LASIK Eye Surgery Center feel Peaceful

7.  Does the center seem calm, organized, and clean?

If you don’t feel at ease or if something seems wrong then you have probably not found the LASIK surgery center for you.

8.  Does the LASIK  surgery center control odor and humidity in the laser room?

Odor and water particles in the air can interfere with the laser as it leaves the machine and travels to your eye.

9.  Does the center treat you like they are specifically grateful you chose them or like they are doing you a favor?

Ask your friends that have had the procedure about how they were treated and the overall experience.  You are paying for an elective surgery and you can choose the center that will put you at ease and treat you with respect.  Most quality oriented LASIK procedure clinics charge about the same amount.  Why not choose the one that knows its all about you on your laser day.

10.  Whom do the other doctors in town recommend?

Ask your doctors about the LASIK procedure centers you are considering.  They will have had many patients talk with them about their results at a particular LASIK surgery center.

I hope these questions help you choose the best LASIK surgery center for you and your eyes.  If I can help, please schedule a time to meet with me or leave a post if you have questions.  Click here for a google tour of our facility.

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