SMILE Eye Surgery Cost

Cost of SMILE Eye Surgery

SMILE Eye Surgery Cost

Smile eye surgery cost includes the costs to purchase the SMILE laser, the click fee we pay each time we use the laser (even though we already own it), the surgeon fee, the costs for post operative care, and general overhead expenses borne by the clinic.

Cost of SMILE Eye Surgery
The Cost of SMILE Eye Surgery

Smile Eye Surgery Cost: The laser

There are several companies that make good femtosecond flap makers for LASIK.  On the other hand, there is currently only one company, Zeiss, that makes an FDA approved femtosecond laser for SMILE.  They are very proud of their laser and charge accordingly, As a result, there are significant costs involved in obtaining this specific laser. 

In addition to the costs to purchase the laser, there are individual “click fees” charged by Zeiss every time we use the laser. Each month, they tabulate how many times we used the laser to make LASIK flaps and the perform SMILE Eye Surgery. They charge us a predetermined amount for each type of surgery. The SMILE procedure click fees are higher. In that sense, SMILE should probably cost more than LASIK.  At our clinic, we have decided to charge the same for LASIK and SMILE so that cost doesn’t enter into your decision.. 

The Surgeon

Part of the costs of the SMILE Procedure are paid to the surgeon. The surgeon is involved in the examinations, pre-operative calculations and performing the surgery. Finding a compassionate and competent surgeon is an important part of successful laser vision correction.

The Post Operative Visits

Most patients are seen the day after surgery, one week, one month and 6 months. The exact number and timing depends on individualized progress. These fees are paid to whoever provides this service. Most commonly, it would be your long standing optometrist.

quality matters in the cost of smile eye surgery
The Cost of Quality Matters in the Cost of SMILE Eye Surgery

Quality Laser Centers vs Discount Laser Centers

Most patients choose to prioritize quality when it is time for their laser eye surgery. This is wise. There are ways to decrease the cost of Smile Eye Surgery, but most of those involve cutting corners. This could result in compromises in staff quality/interaction, experience, equipment, or diagnostic testings. If current costs exceed your budget then postponing until you can do it the right way may be the prudent course of action. We bundle all these costs of SMILE to make it easier for you.

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