Reasons to Postpone or Avoid LASIK

Reasons to Postpone or Avoid LASIK

image047-200x300Laser vision correction with LASIK can be a life-changing experience for individuals that struggle with dependence on visual aids. However, like any other surgical procedure, it requires careful consideration. Not everyone is an appropriate LASIK candidate. Here, trusted Colorado LASIK surgeon Gary Foster explains some of the reasons why he may recommend an individual postpone LASIK or avoid it altogether. 

Frequently Changing Prescription

Operating on eyes that experience frequent changes in prescription is not wise. Laser vision correction is suited to the specific visual prescription of the patient and when that changes, treatment becomes less predictable and precise. Most LASIK surgeons advise waiting until the prescription has been stable for about six months to a year.

Pregnant or Nursing

Women that are pregnant or nursing may experience related fluctuations in vision prescription. For this reason, undergoing LASIK is discouraged. Mothers are encouraged to wait several months after weaning their babies in order to give their vision time to stabilize — at which point LASIK can be considered.

Weakened Immune System

Individuals with an autoimmune disorder or who are taking immunosuppressant drugs are advised to avoid laser vision correction, as healing from surgery could be compromised. Surgery can be re-evaluated when the candidate is off the medication or their condition has improved.

Pressured by a “Limited-Time Offer” or Discount Pricing

Laser vision correction is a big commitment and requires a lot of thought and consideration. Anyone that feels rushed or pressured to take advantage of a deal should postpone surgery until he or she is sure it is a good decision — discount or not!

Do Not Accept the Risks

Understanding the risk of complications is important for every LASIK patient. Although serious complications are rare, they need to be taken into consideration during the decision-making process. Individuals that are uncomfortable with the risks should consult with their surgeon and postpone surgery.

Learn More about Laser Vision Correction

If you are bothered by wearing glasses to see clearly, and you think you meet the criteria of a suitable LASIK candidate, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Gary Foster. Call (970) 419-2693 or send us an email today to make your appointment.

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