Greeley LASIK Eye Surgeon

Greeley LASIK Eye Surgeon

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Great LASIK in Northern Colorado

This post in intended to help you find a Greeley LASIK eye surgeon.  At the Eye Center of Northern Colorado, P.C. we have helped thousands improve their vision through LASIK and I had LASIK myself 15 years ago.  I can always remember the exact week I had by eyes restored, both because of what it has done for my life, and because it was the week my youngest daughter was born.

The Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado is located at our state-of-the-art Centerra LASIK surgery center.  Our Ceterra LASIK office in located in the Kennedy Coe building at 6125 Sky Pond Dr., Loveland so is easy to reach and makes it convenient for patients from Greeley, Loveland, and Fort Collins.

Support from all these communities for our Centerra LASIK eye center allows us to invest in the best technologies available to help you achieve your best LASIK eye surgery.  It is our goal to be the best laser center in America.  To that end we have hired outstanding and caring staff and focused our full attention on helping you receive the best laser eye surgery care available.

You deserve a great Greeley LASIK eye surgeon and we strive to be the very best for you.  We have been in Northern Colorado for almost 100 years.  We live here.  We care about our community.

LASIK Surgeons of the Centerra LASIK Center

Drs Robinson, Foster, Smith, and Olsen

At the Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado at our Centerra LASIK center, we only do laser eye surgery.  Our full focus will be on you and helping you achieve all that you can be with your best vision.  We will be respectful of your time when you are with us.  When it is time for your LASIK, will you please consider finding out if the best Greeley LASIK eye surgeons for you are right here close to home?

We work closely with the best optometrists in Greeley.  They can help you with the preoperative and postoperative visits to make your care as seamless and comfortable as possible during your LASIK recovery time.

I see patients in Greeley, Loveland, and Fort Collins, though our most sophisticated LASIK testing equipment is located at our Centerra LASIK office.  If you want to visit or have any questions, please contact me to set up a time to meet.

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