Eye Laser Surgery, Free at Last

Eye Laser Surgery, Free at Last

Eye Laser Surgery could free you from Glasses and Contact Lenses in Colorado and Wyoming

Eye Laser Surgery like LASIK and PRK could free you from Glasses and Contact Lenses

I remember a time in my childhood when I came across a collie that was caught in a trap in a field by a creek where we went to play every day.  He was in distress and I was afraid to get too close, fearing he would attack–but then I saw a quiet hopeless look in his eyes.

I will never forget that look.  He had tried to escape long enough that he had given up.  I reached down and released his leg from the trap.  He followed me home and just hung around out front for a while before moving on with his life.

My Eye Laser Surgery

I remember how trapped I felt with my vision before I had my eye laser surgery.  My contacts were hurting and I felt like I couldn’t see well with glasses through the eye instruments I used at work.

I remember the day I had my eye laser surgery.  I felt like I had been freed from a trap.  Don’t’ worry, I didn’t follow my eye laser surgeon home and linger out on the sidewalk, but I am grateful for the freedom he gave me.

I later returned the favor by doing eye laser surgery for him.

Your Eye Laser Surgery

I understand that you may be totally satisfied with your glasses and contacts, but there are many who may feel trapped by their visual disabilities.  It could be that eye laser surgery could do for you what it did for me.

I apologize for being a bit dramatic about this, but if you understood how much trouble I was having and how much I have benefited from eye laser surgery you would understand the freedom I feel and why I love my job so much.

“Everyday I go to work and help free friends that are as trapped as I was.”

I know there are more important ways to be freed and saved in the eternities.  In the mean time, we all work together to do what we can for each other, and eye laser surgery is what I do to try to make life better for my friends.  If I can help you with your eyes, please schedule a time to meet with me.

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