Colorado LASIK Surgery

Colorado LASIK Surgery

Colorado LASIK Surgery, Colorado LASIK Eye Surgery

Colorado LASIK Surgery at
The Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado

Colorado LASIK Surgery is probably the most advanced LASIK market in America and LASIK at the Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado is among the most advanced in in America and certainly Colorado.

Why is Colorado LASIK Surgery so Advanced?

Colorado LASIK Surgery is so advanced because it is so difficult to wear contact lenses here.  Colorado is the dry eye capital of the universe.  Patients seek LASIK here to escape from their contact lenses.

Consider my personal experience.  I completed my Residency in Eye Surgery at the Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City Utah.  During my years of training, I worked long hours and was up late into many nights, all the while successfully wearing my contact lenses with no trouble.

After finishing my residency and my subsequent training in refractive surgery in Utah, I moved to Colorado in 1995.  Almost immediately I began to have trouble with my contact lenses.  By 1999, I had all I could stand and had LASIK.  My eyes have felt much better since then.

Similar stories are told all around Colorado where many turn to LASIK because of troubles with their contact lenses from our dry climate and pollen-laden air.  The high volume of Colorado LASIK surgery has driven the Colorado doctors to higher levels of experience and made it easier for quality oriented eye surgeons to invest in the best LASIK technologies.

Colorado LASIK Surgery, Best LASIK Surgeons

Better Technology, Staff, and Surgeons
Create One of the Best LASIK Centers in America

Most Advanced LASIK Centers in America?

The roots of the Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado go back to 1916.  In the almost 100 years since then, we have worked to provide the highest level of care possible to our patients and to be there for them, their children, their grand children.

We are committed to Colorado, our community, and our patients.

We have four LASIK eye surgeons in our practice.  Three of them have had LASIK.  The combined volume of four surgeons allows us to invest in the best technology, the best staff, and to collaborate together to achieve better outcomes for our patients.  Not a week goes by that a partner doesn’t review one of his potential LASIK cases with me or I review one of mine with them.

We focus on bladeless LASIK with the laser flap maker we feel is the best in the U.S. (the Intralase IFS) rather than the older models used by many (Intralase 60 hz).  In addition, we have several different excimer lasers available at our LASIK eye center to reshape your cornea and restore focus.  Like many clinics, we have a VISX star 4, but our surgeons prefer the advances offered by the Alcon Allegretto ex500 for most of our patients.  There is currently only one other clinic in Colorado that has upgraded to this state of the art excimer laser with many still using the older Allegretto 200 or 400 models.

First LASIK Center in America with a Commercial Topolizer

The Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado is first LASIK center in America to receive a commercial Topolizer unit and at this time of this post, we are the still the only clinic in Colorado to offer this to our patients.  This instrument takes careful readings of the shape and irregularities of the cornea to help surgeons personalize your LASIK treatment.  The FDA is currently reviewing the data on Topolizer-guided LASIK.  After the Topolyzer measures the corneal irregularities, the ex-500 has the ability to address them during the laser treatment, creating topography-guided LASIK.

We are grateful that we practice in one of the most advanced LASIK markets in America and that among the great LASIK eye centers of Colorado, the Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado is able to function at the highest levels of technology, service, and patient outcomes for Colorado LASIK surgery.

If I can provide any other information for you on LASIK eye surgery, please leave a comment or schedule a time to meet at our Centerra LASIK center just off of I-25.

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