The Cost of the Light Adjustable Lens

The Cost of the Light Adjustable Lens

Light Adjustable Lens

The Cost of the Light Adjustable Lens
What is the Costs of the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is a lens that can be adjusted by light in the clinic to improve the accuracy of your vision. The cost of the Light Adjustable Lens can be broken into two categories:  1.  Medically necessary cataract costs and 2. Advanced technology costs. 

Medically Necessary Cost of Cataract Surgery

The medically necessary costs are those of basic cataract surgery.  Basic costs include removing the cataract and placing a standard IOL. There are costs from the surgery center, the anesthetist, and from the surgeon. Your optometrist can tell you if your worsening vision if caused by a cataract. If the cataract is the cause and it is affecting your daily living then most likely the cataract is “ripe” and “medically necessary.” This usually means that your insurance would help cover the costs of basic cataract surgery.

The Advanced Technology Cost of the LAL

Most of my patients desire more than the benefits provided by basic cataract surgery. During your visit with us, we will seek to understand how you use your eyes and your visual aspirations. That will allow us to recommend the cataract surgery pathway that will best meet your needs and desires. Cataract surgery is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your vision so it is worth taking the time to make the ideal choice.

The cost of the LAL includes the cost of the advanced technology IOL, the cost of the LAL adjustments after surgery, and the astigmatism treatment costs. These “advanced technology costs” are not covered by medicare, medicare supplements, or commercial insurance companies. To be clear, medicare and supplements still cover the basic, medically necessary costs of the LAL. In addition, you pay the upgrade costs of the LAL for the advanced technology benefits they deliver.

The IOL cost of the Light Adjustable Lens

A basic intraocular lens (IOL) is provided as part of basic cataract surgery. The IOL used for the LAL is a specialized lens that costs more than the standard IOL. The Light Adjustable Lens has a unique composition that allows it to be adjusted after cataract surgery. The plastic in the LAL contains macromeres that can be activated and altered to allow this adjustment feature.

Better vision with the Light Adjustable Lens
The Joys of Great Vision

The Adjustment Cost of the Light Adjustable Lens

Three to four weeks after your LAL cataract surgery, The accuracy of your outcome is checked using a standard glasses measurement machine to determine your residual prescription. The measurements are inputed into the RxSight Adjustment machine and your lens is treated for 20-30 seconds to make the adjustment. You return a week later to ensure your visual goals have been met. Because of the adjustment, most return with good vision and the first of two locking treatments is performed with the RxSight Adjustment machine. Occasionally, a second adjustment is needed before the two locking procedures are performed.

Astigmatism Reduction Cost of the LAL

Astigmatism means your eye is shaped more like and egg than a ball. This non-round shape makes vision blurry. Glasses, contacts, or IOLs can be created that balance out the irregular shape of your cornea to restore good focus to your vision. If you have astigmatism after your cataract surgery, the Light Adjustable Lens can be adjusted to balance out and treat your astigmatism inside your eye for up to two or three diopters of astigmatism.

Most offices bundle all these advanced technology costs together to make it easier for patients. Investing in your eyes is a true investment in yourself and your future. Some have more time than money and some have more money than time. As with all investment decisions it will come down to what you value and what you prioritize. It is our job to make sure you understand your options clearly so you can determine what will be ideal within values and resources.

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