5 Reasons to Have LASIK or the SMILE Procedure in 2020

Ask any LASIK patient if they have regrets about surgery, and many will tell you that they only wish they had it done sooner. Don’t put LASIK off any longer — make 2017 the year that you finally enjoy a glasses-free lifestyle! Here, Colorado laser eye surgeon Gary Foster shares five of the best reasons Read More→

Common Annoyances of Wearing Glasses

Do you have a refractive error and rely on glasses to see clearly? Colorado eye surgeon Dr. Gary Foster knows this struggle well. He has met thousands of patients from Fort Collins and the surrounding Colorado areas that are dependent on visual aids and experience daily hassles because of it. Can you relate to any Read More→

Laser Eye Surgery Age

Laser eye surgery age depends on a number of factors, but generally is from age 21 to infinity. I’ll explain below why we feel that while 21 years old to infinity is the answer to the question, “What age can I get laser eye surgery?, most having LASIK are 21 to about 60 years old. Read More→

Vision Laser Eye Surgery

Vision laser eye surgery involves the use of a laser to decrease the need for glasses or contact lenses. There are to basic categories of vision laser eye surgery: 1. Corneal based procedures and 2. Lens based procedures. Corneal Based Vision Correction In Corneal based vision laser eye surgery, an excimer laser is used to Read More→

PRK Astigmatism and LASIK Astigmatism

PRK astigmatism and LASIK astigmatism correction are two different forms of laser vision correction to reduce your need for glasses. What is Astigmatism? Astigmatism means that your eye is shaped more like an egg than a perfectly round ball.  This makes object out of focus Can PRK Correct Astigmatism and can LASIK Correct Astigmatism? Many Read More→

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