Laser Eye Surgery Age

Laser eye surgery age depends on a number of factors, but generally is from age 21 to infinity. I’ll explain below why we feel that while 21 years old to infinity is the answer to the question, “What age can I get laser eye surgery?, most having LASIK are 21 to about 60 years old. Read More→

5 Reasons the Allegretto EX 500 is the Best Laser in America

We recently replaced our Allegretto laser (400 hz) with the Allegretto EX 500 and I feel it is the best LASIK laser in America. I pause here to to thank the engineers in Germany for producing such an amazing and precise Allegretto laser. LASIK is a form of laser eye surgery to improve your vision Read More→

Best LASIK Eye Surgery Centers

Several years ago I was interviewed for an article on “the best LASIK eye surgery centers in America.”  They wondered what we had done in our quest to become one of the highest-performing LASIK eye surgery centers.  In the end, it came down to the fact that we viewed all decisions through the eyes of our Read More→

LASIK Costs in Colorado & Wyoming

Discount vs. Quality LASIK centers usually differ in price due to the different types of lasers used to perform the LASIK surgery.

Your Recovery After LASIK (Stop Annoying Your Friends!)

Enjoy your new vision after Lasik with only a few precautions! You’ll amaze your friends with your new vision, but don’t over do it!

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