Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome with Dysfunctional Lens Replacement

The bad news about dysfunctional lens syndrome (DLS) is that you already have it.  Everyone suffers the progressive effects of DLS.  It starts almost the moment you are born and progresses relentlessly everyday you live until you have your lens dysfunction repaired. What is Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome? DLS is the progressive loss of function of the Read More→

Cataract Symptoms

Cataract symptoms range from just annoying to total blindness at the most advanced stages of the cataract. For improved vision, check out Colorado cataract surgeons. Glare One of the most common cataract symptoms is glare.  The lens of your eye is made up of proteins.  They are a special type of protein that is arranged Read More→

Eye Cataract

Cataracts are a significant cause of decreased vision worldwide.  In its earliest stages, cataracts make you need reading glasses in your 40’s.  As the cataract worsens, you start having glare with night driving.  The next stage is trouble seeing road signs or reading.  Ultimately, the cataract turns white like a marble so that you can only Read More→

Cataract Surgery Complications

Dr. Gary Foster – Fort Collins & Loveland, CO Cataract surgery complications are rare. This has made cataract surgery one of the most commonly performed and successful surgeries in the world. It is important to consider the potential complications as you make your decisions. Target Error Complications Missing the intended target goal is a potential Read More→

High Eye Pressure after Cataract Surgery

Dr. Gary Foster – Fort Collins & Loveland, CO There is good news and bad news about the pressure in the eyes after cataract removal. The good news is that cataract surgery tends to lower eye pressure once you heal. The bad news is that cataract surgery can raise pressure for the first week or Read More→

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