Flying After Cataract Surgery

Is flying after cataract surgery safe? Most of the time air travel is safe, but for a few considerations.

Bladeless LASIK in Ft Collins & Loveland

The corneal flap may be the most important step in the LASIK procedure. It, too, should be created with a special laser instead of a manual blade.

Eye Laser Surgery, Free at Last

For years I suffered with poor vision and inconvenience. Like the Collie I once freed from a trap, my eye laser surgery freed me, too.

Cataract Surgery

Your outpatient cataract surgery should be a comfortable and easy process for you. Restoring your vision in our state of the art surgical center means you’ll be home in hours.

Cataract Surgery Recovery: Your First Day

Most of my cataract patients barely need a patch. After a few hours, the patch is removed and your vision starts to return.

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