Eye Makeup Safety Tips

Most women use cosmetics to accentuate their best features and hide imperfections. Unfortunately, when used carelessly or improperly, makeup can cause eye injuries and infections. As a trusted ophthalmologist serving Fort Collins and the surrounding Colorado areas, Dr. Gary Foster is invested in the health and safety of his patients’ eyes. Here, he offers some Read More→

Are Refractive Errors Hereditary?

Anyone recently diagnosed with a refractive error is likely to be curious about the origins of their condition. A common question that comes up in consultation with Dr. Gary Foster is whether refractive errors run in families. The Fort Collins laser vision correction surgeon shares the answer here.

Best Foods for Optimum Eye Health

Last month, Dr. Gary Foster discussed how exercise might stave off cataracts and other serious eye diseases. This month, he wants to talk about diet: specifically, the foods that promote optimal eye health and wellness. Read on for Dr. Foster’s recommendations — and be sure to add a few of his picks to your grocery Read More→

Why is My Vision Suddenly Blurry?

Has your vision suddenly become blurry? Though there can be many reasons for this, including those that don’t point to serious medical concerns, if your vision becomes suddenly and persistently blurry, this should be considered an eye emergency that requires the attention of your eye doctor or another medical professional. In this post, Dr. Gary Read More→

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