An Ode To Eye Drops For Cataract and Laser Eye Surgery

Guess why I love eye drops? They treat what I want to treat and have far fewer systemic side effects than pills.

AzaSite is Not Available in Pharmacies

AzaSite is the eye drop form of the very popular antibiotic azithromiacin.  Its popularity is in part due to the fact it only has to be used once per day. Azasite Eye Drops Decrease Dry Eye Symptoms in Some Patients Azasite is FDA approved for conjunctivitis (pink eye) but many optometrists have noticed that it helps Read More→

How Eye Drops For Cataracts Work

Eye Drops for Cataracts are the preferred method of delivering medicine to the eye for conditions like glaucoma and to protect the eye after cataract surgery. To treat conditions inside the eye, the medication has to diffuse through the cornea.  This is much harder than it might initially appear.  The cornea has a number of defenses to Read More→

Eye Drops After Cataract Surgery

I prescribe several drops to speed your recovery after cataract surgery. These drops help you heal comfortably, reduce infection and help you see better.

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