Five Ways to Prevent Eye Strain

Eye strain, or eye fatigue, is not a serious condition nor does it damage your vision, but the symptoms can be uncomfortable. Red, burning, watering eyes and tension headaches are just some of the signs that your eyes are fatigued and need some rest. In his latest post, Colorado ophthalmologist Dr. Gary Foster shares five Read More→

Why is My Vision Suddenly Blurry?

Has your vision suddenly become blurry? Though there can be many reasons for this, including those that don’t point to serious medical concerns, if your vision becomes suddenly and persistently blurry, this should be considered an eye emergency that requires the attention of your eye doctor or another medical professional. In this post, Dr. Gary Read More→

Kamra Inlay Fort Collins

Serving Patients in Colorado and Wyoming If you are over 40 and having trouble reading without glasses, then the Kamra Inlay may be just the thing to help you regain the ability to read without glasses. Some are just fine with reading glasses, while others lead a more active lifestyle that is impacted by the Read More→

LASIK Treatment Cost

Lasik treatment cost includes the cost of the procedure, the cost of the time off work, and the cost of the LASIK eye drops. Cost of the Procedure One of the biggest determinants of the LASIK treatment cost of the procedure is the method of flap creation—laser vs. the razor. When laser eye surgery first Read More→

Seconday Cataract Surgery for Yag Eye Laser Starburst Vision

Twenty percent of patients develop a posterior capsular opacity in the months to years after their lens extraction and need a secondary cataract surgery for yag eye laser starburst vision. What is Posterior Capsule Opacity? There is a thin capsule that surrounds your natural lens. During cataract surgery, a small circular opening is made in Read More→

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