5 Reasons to Have LASIK in 2017

Ask any LASIK patient if they have regrets about surgery, and many will tell you that they only wish they had it done sooner. Don’t put LASIK off any longer — make 2017 the year that you finally enjoy a glasses-free lifestyle! Here, Colorado laser eye surgeon Gary Foster shares five of the best reasons Read More→

Eye Makeup Safety Tips

Most women use cosmetics to accentuate their best features and hide imperfections. Unfortunately, when used carelessly or improperly, makeup can cause eye injuries and infections. As a trusted ophthalmologist serving Fort Collins and the surrounding Colorado areas, Dr. Gary Foster is invested in the health and safety of his patients’ eyes. Here, he offers some Read More→

Common Annoyances of Wearing Glasses

Do you have a refractive error and rely on glasses to see clearly? Colorado eye surgeon Dr. Gary Foster knows this struggle well. He has met thousands of patients from Fort Collins and the surrounding Colorado areas that are dependent on visual aids and experience daily hassles because of it. Can you relate to any Read More→

Weighing Your IOL Options

As mentioned in our previous blog post, intraocular lenses (IOLs) are small devices used to replace the eye’s natural lens during cataract surgery. Dr. Gary Foster, who practices in Fort Collins, Colorado, offers several types of intraocular lenses, each with unique features. If you are facing cataract surgery and do not know which IOL to Read More→

FAQs about Cataracts

A significant portion of Dr. Gary Foster’s Colorado ophthalmology practice is devoted to cataract care, and, as such, he fields a variety of questions about the condition. Here, Dr. Foster answers the most commonly asked questions about cataract development, symptoms and treatment.

Reasons to Postpone or Avoid LASIK

Laser vision correction with LASIK can be a life-changing experience for individuals that struggle with dependence on visual aids. However, like any other surgical procedure, it requires careful consideration. Not everyone is an appropriate LASIK candidate. Here, trusted Colorado LASIK surgeon Gary Foster explains some of the reasons why he may recommend an individual postpone Read More→

Are Refractive Errors Hereditary?

Anyone recently diagnosed with a refractive error is likely to be curious about the origins of their condition. A common question that comes up in consultation with Dr. Gary Foster is whether refractive errors run in families. The Fort Collins laser vision correction surgeon shares the answer here.

Common Questions about LASIK Answered

Colorado LASIK surgeon Dr. Gary Foster fields questions about LASIK eye surgery on a daily basis. Many of the same questions come up repeatedly. He thought it would be helpful to compile the most frequently asked questions into a single blog post as a resource to interested candidates.

Best Foods for Optimum Eye Health

Last month, Dr. Gary Foster discussed how exercise might stave off cataracts and other serious eye diseases. This month, he wants to talk about diet: specifically, the foods that promote optimal eye health and wellness. Read on for Dr. Foster’s recommendations — and be sure to add a few of his picks to your grocery Read More→

Can Exercise Help Prevent Cataracts?

Exercise is great for your figure, mood, energy level and cardiovascular health. But what about your eye health? Can regular physical exercise stave off the development of eye conditions like cataracts? Dr. Gary Foster, a trusted ophthalmologist in Colorado, has the answer here.

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