El Salvador Cataract Mission

The Need Cataracts are the leading cause of curable blindness in the world.  No one should be blind from a cataract–No one. And yet, almost 20 million people are blind from curable cataracts worldwide. One study found that in El Salvador, 4.3 percent of illiterate women over the age of 50 are visually impaired just Read More→

SMILE Procedure

The FDA approved the SMILE procedure in 2016 for the correction of myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism in the United States, but is has been is wide use in Europe since 2009.  Worldwide over 2 million SMILE procedures have been performed.  The SMILE procedure goes by several different names:  ReLEX SMILE, SMILE LASIK, and Small Incision Read More→

PanOptix Lens (IOL)

Bifocal vs. Trifocal IOLs Losing our reading vision has always seemed to me to be one of life’s cruelest jokes.   When we are young and can run far we can see up close.  When we are old and can’t run far we can’t see up close.  Prior to cataract surgery, patients mitigate this problem with Read More→

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